Move.ai’s real-time markerless motion capture - in partnership with disguise. 
Unlock the power of the unseen.

High fidelity motion capture
has never been so easy.

Invisible is a real-time markerless motion capture solution using an in studio fixed camera array combined with on premise real-time graphics processing powered by disguise.

Using a discreet camera array, performers simply enter the stage and are immediately automatically tracked and rendered into a virtual scene.

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Real-time motion capture data from the Invisible software connects directly into disguise’s Designer software. 

With a single a single-click, skeletal data can be rendered into an Unreal Engine scene and LED screens in real-time.

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The Invisible solution unlocks the creative power of human movement. 

Whether for live broadcast, live events, virtual production or location-based experiences, real-time human movement can power shadows, live characters and visual effects.

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Move.ai’s Invisible platform has launched into the market with our partners disguise, the market-leading solution providers for Virtual Production, live and XR stages. Invisible is fully integrated into the disguise workflow, with the Invisible software deployed on an MX server.

The real-time data will then flow into Designer in order to enable effects such as shadows, digital puppeteering, gesture or location based control of graphics and gesture-based particle effects such as fire and smoke. The combined workflow unlocks the power of Invisible’s real-time data and the unlimited creativity enabled by the disguise ecosystem.


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