Motion capture

The Move AI Invisible product offers a real-time markerless motion capture solution

Unlock the creative power of human movement with Invisible

The Invisible solution makes it faster, easier, and more cost-effective to achieve live motion capture in broadcast, xR, film, immersive installations and live events.

Move Real-Time Capabilities

Move Real-Time offers live motion capture in broadcast, xR, film, and live events.

  •   Software only. On-premise.
  •   Up to 2 people captured
  •   Up to 10m x 10m volume
  •   Captures at 110FPS
  •   4-8 cameras
  •   Solo operation
  •   100ms latency
  •   1 minute calibration time
  •   1 hour setup time
  •   Unreal plug-in
  •   Enterprise Support
  •   Technical Account Management

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