Reinventing sports data combines computer vision, Ai and machine learning to create enterprise software solutions from real-time performance data.

Movement and Performance analytics

Generate endless data fields from any live or pre-recorded video programmatically.

Dynamic XR

Computer vision controlled dynamic content, augmented and mixed reality.

Computer Vision Applications

Mobile applications for training and performance analysis using computer vision and Ai

API integration and custom visualisation

Data integration into any API and brand/sport centric data visualisation using Unity and Unreal

Game Changing Technology

We build computer vision software which can instantly generate performance data from video feeds in any sport. Founded out of Imperial College London; combines industry leading computer vision and machine learning academics with a decade of sector expertise across entertainment and sport.


Computer Vision and deep learning invents new ways that software can be taught to generate, understand and interpret real time performance data from live and pre-recorded video. uses one camera to generate instant movement data across, speed, distance, ball tracking, player tracking and body form analysis which can plug into any graphics engine or third-party API.

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