Motion capture

Markerless motion capture that enables studios and brands to capture high fidelity motion data without suits or expensive hardware.

Capture high fidelity motion anywhere. No suits required.

Move Pro enables motion capture in any environment GoPro, Sony,  Blackmagic, and Panasonic cameras. Move AI's patented artificial intelligence and computer vision software can capture high fidelity motion without requiring any suits or markers.

Built for studios and brands

Move Pro is a markerless motion capture product that enables studios and brands to capture high fidelity motion data.

AAA Motion Data

AAA quality motion data for studios and brands.


Capture with up to 12 cameras with support for GoPro, Sony, Blackmagic, and more.

Multi-Person Capture

Capture up to 22 people simultaneously.

Large Volume Capture

Capture up to 20m x 20m volume spaces.

Capture Anywhere

Capture anywhere you can set up GoPro cameras.

Automatic Retargeting

Automatically export motion data and retarget to your favorite rigs.

Join the thousands of studios and brands accelerating their 3D workflows with Move AI

EA using Move AI for game development

Vincent Hung, Animation Director at Electronic Arts, discusses using Move Multi-Cam during a presentation at SIGGRAPH

MUVA House and Publicis Groupe using Move AI for a Heineken campaign

MUVA House was able to deliver high-quality animations in just two weeks using Move Multi-Cam to create the Heineken Game as a part of their "Not all nights out are out" campaign.

Artifical Rome using Move AI to create a digital twin of a football match at Wembley

Artificial Rome brought a digital twin soccer match to life in the SOIL metaverse platform by using Move AI to capture 22 footballers during a real-life match at Wembley Stadium in London.

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Move AI is designed to work for large enterprises.