Move AI offers products and plans that are built to scale from indies to major brands and studios.

Move Product Plans

Move AI gives 3D animators and studios alike the ability to capture high-quality motion data anywhere. No suits or markers required.

Move One

The Move One iOS app offers single-camera motion capture. Move One is also available for teams.

  •   iPhone only
  •   Maximum of 1 person captured
  •   Up to 5m x 5m volume
  •   HD max resolution
  •   Captures at 60 FPS
  •   60 second capture limit
  •   Hand and finger tracking
  •   Export FBX, USD, and MP4
  •   Community support
  •   Move One for Teams
Move Pro

Move Pro offers markerless motion capture with standard cameras.

  •   Web platform
  •   Up to 8 people captured
  •   Up to 20m x 20m volume
  •   4K max resolution
  •   Up to 120FPS
  •   5GB single file uploads
  •   Up to 12 cameras with support for GoPro, Sony, & more.
  •   Hand and finger tracking
  •   Export FBX, USD, and MP4
  •   Basic Support and Technical Account Management
Move Live

Move Live offers real-time motion capture in broadcast, xR, film, and live events.

  •   Software only. On-premise.
  •   Up to 2 people captured
  •   Up to 10m x 10m volume
  •   Captures at 110FPS
  •   4-8 cameras
  •   Solo operation
  •   100ms latency
  •   1 minute calibration time
  •   1 hour setup time
  •   Unreal plug-in
  •   Enterprise Support
  •   Technical Account Management

Need an Enterprise Plan for your team?

Move AI is designed to work for large enterprises.