Motion capture

The Move One iOS App makes it easy to capture and create 3D animations with just a phone.

Motion capture anywhere, with just your phone

The Move One iOS app enables motion capture using just your phone. Capture in any environment without suits or markers. Simply download the app, capture your video, and get your motion data back in minutes.

Built for 3D animators and creators

Move One is built to make it easy for animators and creators to capture and create 3D animations anywhere using just a phone.


Move One offers single-camera motion capture using just your iPhone.

Capture anywhere

You can capture single subjects anywhere. No suits or studios required.

Hand and Finger Tracking

Move One offers hand and finger tracking in addition to full body motion capture.

Fast Processing

You can record takes up to 60 seconds with move One and get your motion data back in as little as 5 minutes.

High Quality Motion Data

Move One uses advanced AI, computer vision, biomechanics, and physics to capture high quality motion data.

Easy Export

You can export FBX and USD to your preferred 3D animation software. You can also export the input videos as a reference.

What people are saying

See how people around the world are using Move One to capture and create 3D animations.

Move One Pricing Plans

Move One is a single-camera markerless motion capture product for 3D animators and creators that work individually or on teams.


For individuals looking to explore Move One's single-camera motion capture app.

  •   30 free lifetime credits
  •   iPhone only
  •   Full access to paid features

For individuals looking for more usage and longer recording times for Move One.

  •   300 credits/month
  •   iPhone only
  •   1 user
  •   60 second capture limit
  •   1 person motion capture
  •   Hand and finger tracking
  •   Captures at HD 60FPS
  •   Export FBX, USD, and MP4
  •   Community support

For organizations looking to manage their teams and use all of Move One's features.

  •   Everything in Starter
  •   Custom credits/month
  •   iPhone and web
  •   3+ users
  •   Team and billing management
  •   Basic support

Move One Pricing FAQs

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