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OF motion capture

Move AI's markerless motion capture products make it easy to capture and create 3D animations.

Bring your 3D characters to life with Move AI

Move AI makes it easy to bring realistic human motion to animated characters by turning 2D video into 3D motion data with proprietary technology that uses advanced AI, computer vision, biomechanics and physics

Built to scale from indie to AAA 

Move AI gives 3D animators and studios alike the ability to capture high-quality motion data anywhere with markerless motion capture. No suits or markers required.

Single and Multi-Camera

Move offers markerless motion capture with single and multi-camera products using phones and standard cameras.

Capture Anywhere

You can capture up to 22 people simultaneously, in any environment. No suits or studios required.

High Quality Motion Data

Move uses advanced AI, computer vision, and physics models to capture high quality human motion data, including finger tracking.

Large Volume Capture

Move One allows you to capture in 5m x 5m spaces and Move Multi-Cam allows you to capture up to 20m x 20m volume spaces.

Real-Time Motion Tracking

Move offers real-time markerless motion capture along with post-processing capabilities.

Easy Retargeting

You can export FBX and USD to your preferred 3D animation software. Move Multi-Cam allows you to automatically retarget to your favorite rigs.

Join the thousands of studios and brands accelerating their 3D workflows with Move AI

EA using Move AI for game development

Vincent Hung, Animation Director at Electronic Arts, discusses using Move Multi-Cam during a presentation at SIGGRAPH

Eye Garden using Move AI for MGMT's “Mother Nature” music video

Eye Garden collaborated with director Jordan Fish on the MGMT video for their single “Mother Nature”.

OMM using Move Live for Nike Euro 2024 activations

Move Live was used in Nike stores in London, Paris, and Berlin for an activation delivered by OMM for UEFA Euro 2024.

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Move AI makes it easy to capture and create 3D animations.