Developed from source code taken from the autonomous driving industry, Move.ai’s computer vision software is leading the market.

Billions of dollars have been spent on making sure that LiDAR technology can not only distinguish the characters in vision (pedestrians, cyclists, cars) but also determine how they are moving (speed, acceleration, direction).

The fundamental principles of autonomous vehicle technology have been adapted by Move.ai to evaluate the world of sport.
The current data collection methods predominately used within sport vary from GPS-tracking solutions to manual data entry. 
GPS technology and wearable technology is effective in generating data but can suffer with accuracy issues when collecting or transmitting information. To support, there is typically a human interface which then becomes open to interpretation and statistical differences. Move.ai automates the process from start to finish. First generation computer vision software in the market typically relies on a second camera infrastructure that is often cost prohibitive or cannot be translated across all levels, elite to amateur. Move.ai can operate from a single camera setup, reducing costs while maintaining accuracy of the data collection.

Move.ai’s combination of computer vision and machine learning monitors the sporting events, constantly learns and becomes more accurate in every scenario.

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