Computer vision

Taken from the world of autonomous vehicles, our computer vision and artificial intelligence software has been developed specifically for sport creating the fastest most accurate data output from any video feed.

Combining the latest computer vision technology with AI and deep learning software, is able to immediately capture speed, acceleration, distance, shapes and volumetric body form.

Movement Automation can capture, interpret and visualise movement data faster than any other system. The ability to capture 2D and 3D performance data accurately, in real time and from a single camera creates endless possibilities for rights holders, federations, broadcasters and teams.

How it works’s computer vision programme uses any live or pre-recorded video feed to programmatically analyse data and visualise insights. Data can be represented on a technical dashboard, enabling real time performance analysis based on accurate and informed data. The deep learning that underpins allows the system to bring to life probabilities (based on historical data), statistics and predictions of play. When the data is integrated with graphics packages and game engine technology, can visualise data in a variety of ways to enhance and aide the viewers experience. Alternatively, can simply output the raw data for the client to visualise the data independently.

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