Content Studios

Cloud-based markerless motion extraction platform - production level animation ready for direct import into your game / graphics engine

Quality graphics and animation are crucial to immersive storytelling as player and viewer expectations have increased across all genres and platforms - including mobile

Total capture of complex, natural human movements

Quicker set up, faster processing in our cloud workflow

Separate Object Tracking
Track other objects in the scene e.g. gun, sword, a ball, microphone, drinking glass

No Suits
No need for restrictive motion capture suits

Finger Tracking
Capture finger level detail from the scene delivers high quality markerless MoCap - without the hardware, suits and scheduling complexity

Content Studios

Our software and services solutions deliver significant business benefits:

Reduced reliance on MoCap studios eliminating time consuming and expensive services with subsequent major data clean-up

High fidelity capture, superior re-targeting, resulting in first class animation output

Software Centric
Hardware agnostic: deployed in the cloud or locally into existing client architecture

Production Workflow
Seamless integration with any production environment and gaming engine e.g. Unreal or Unity

Our relevant product for Content Studios: