Augmented & Extended Reality

We support immersive content experiences for broadcast, live virtual performances and commercial presentations

In-studio green screen replacement enabled through AI to provide imaged-based Depth Keying
Enable talent to interact naturally with augmented graphics in a real-world environment in real time - removing the need for traditional and expensive green screen studios and chroma-keying technology

Markerless MoCap
No restrictive or uncomfortable MoCap suits - results in faster, more authentic motion capture at a competitive price point

AI driven software centric approach to meet the needs of Augmented & Extended Reality experiences

Augmented & Extended Reality

AI Based
AI and computer vision techniques to capture authentic human movement and to separate foreground & background

Audience Engagement
Immersive multi-platform experiences for brand activation and communication

Seamless integration with any production environment and gaming engine e.g. Unreal or Unity

Enriched Editorial
More insight through improved storytelling using cutting edge technology

Our relevant products for Augmented & Extended Reality: