Commercial Rights Holders

Create new commercial opportunities and deliver rights packages with world leading technology. Underpinned by machine learning, can deliver performance graphics in real-time that turns data into insight and statistics into revenue across traditional broadcast feeds or through an OTT platform.

Governing Bodies

Scalable technology, from the elite game to grassroots. The ability to run from a single camera means players of all abilities can record, review and analyse their performance with, ensuring the elite and grassroots game are serviced with the same technology. From Centre Court to local league, all players and participants can benefit, enhancing the game for all.

Broadcasters’s graphics package enables broadcasters to visualise data on-screen faster and more accurately than ever before. Bringing more insight and understanding to the fan, it is like watching the game with the best coach at your side. Half-time and full-time punditry can be developed faster and more effectively than ever, with the true story of the game being told through data, not speculation.

Teams provides teams with unrivalled insight. analyses and visualises data in real-time, giving you the data as it happens. The deep learning system underpinning ensures that the key strategic decisions you make, are made from the most informed position.


Performance Analysis

With more accurate physical evaluation than ever before, is the perfect partner in performance analysis. Measuring 25 points of reference on the human body allows teams, coaches and athletes to monitor and optimise performance across every area of the game.

In addition, can measure and evaluate how individuals play together in teams, from the distance between two centre backs to finding the gap, helping coaches and teams understand how to maximize their opportunities within the match.

Within training environments, is the ideal evaluation tool to monitor athlete performance, fitness and match-readiness. Injury prevention and rehabilitation programmes can be also supported by’s API to evaluate body positions, muscle strength and power/loading metrics. is the next generation coaching tool that every club requires to perform to their maximum.

Data visualization

As viewers of sport become more in tune with the game, keen to understand more about the action and scrutinise the athletes’ performances, provides commercial rights holders and broadcasters with a system that brings sports data to life. In real-time.

The live in-stadium feed is processed by the software, providing analysis of speed, acceleration, power/loading, ball positions and more. By plugging this data into the broadcast feeds, data can be commercialised throughout the live action, perfect for a data partner for any league or championship.
The deep learning system that underpins can, in real-time, monitor the live action and, using historical references, provide predictive analysis of game moments, goalscorers, substitutions and ultimately victors. is reinventing sports data through computer vision, enhancing the experience for viewers globally.

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