Markerless MoCap

Cloud-based markerless motion extraction platform - production level animation ready for direct import into your game / graphics engine

Natural human movements extracted using advanced Biomechanics and Physics

High fidelity capture, superior re-targeting, resulting in first class animation output

Quicker set up, faster processing in our cloud workflow

MoCap re-targeted to your preferred character 'rig' without restrictive or uncomfortable suits

Separate Object Tracking
Track other objects in the scene e.g. gun, sword, a ball, microphone, drinking glass

No Suits
No need for restrictive motion capture suits

Finger Capture
Capture finger level detail from the scene

Faster, more authentic MoCap at a competitive price point

aim Explained

Some MoCap Examples:

aim allows you to own the filming process and to film the motion of your choice. You can then select your desired scenes, upload them to our cloud platform and extract the motion which is automatically re-targeted to your own rig

Body Interactions



Ronaldo Celebration

Star Jumps


High Fives


Products and Services’s aim is a cloud-based platform which delivers markerless motion extraction using computer vision and AI techniques

Cloud Hosted Platform as a Service* (PaaS)

  • Client side web-based self-service motion extraction and re-targeting
  • Scalable licensed tiers available on a user and usage basis
  • Training, maintenance and upgrades included depending on tier
  • Annual subscription model
  • Available end of Q1 2021*

Animation Service

  • Content studio provides video footage of selected scenes
  • extracts motion from scene, re-targets to client rig and sends back in preferred output file type e.g. .fbx
  • Fast turnaround in our cloud based workflow
  • Price per animation based on scene length and complexity enables you to own the filming process, select the final edited scenes, then aim extracts the motion and delivers a finished scene in your format of choice e.g. .fbx

Compatible with: