Depth Keying

Image based keying system for Augmented & Extended Reality productions - removes the need for traditional and expensive green screen studios

Technical benefits:

Real Time
Ultra low latency processing

No Green Screen
Utilise existing studio sets without having to install and maintain a green screen

Image Based Processing
Using only camera input to understand the scene and provide a key

Software Centric
Hardware agnostic: deployed locally or in the cloud into existing client architecture

4K & HD
Compatible with 4K & HD resolutions

Remote Production
Efficient and safe production workflow with reduced carbon footprint

Camera system agnostic and works inside conventional and OB studio environments

Depth Keying

AI image recognition combined with advanced adapted mathematical models - the next generation of Augmented Reality keyer

Removing the need for traditional and expensive green screen studios and chroma-keying technology. Image-based, software-only plugin, which can integrate with any type of camera tracking system and graphics engines

1. Real studio - no green screen - camera can be operated in Pan, Tilt & Zoom (PTZ)

2. Talent live on-air

3. Talent is keyed out in real-time

4. Now the talent can interact with AR graphics

5. And the talent can also be placed in any XR environment e.g. Unreal or Unity

6. And seamlessly move around the graphics either in the foreground or background